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Quick Brown Frog Typing Tutor Is Launched!

After lots of helpful feedback from beta testers and Hacker News, my typing tutor app “Quick Brown Frog” is live and open for business!

Some of the things I changed in response to feedback include:

  • price reduction from $29.95 -> $9.95

  • support both Google Checkout and Paypal options for payment

  • stats reporting (WPM/Accuracy improvement over time)

  • report on frequently mis-typed keys after practice lessons

  • allow automatic single/double spacing after end of sentences (very frequently requested)

  • implemented crawlable Ajax links for SEO

  • plus many bug fixes for cross-browser compatibility

I consider this an MVP-level release, which means that it still needs lots of work and polish (in particular, the look-and-feel of the UI).

The important thing is to get it out there, and start getting feedback from actual customers. Absent that, I’d just be spinning my wheels.